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Running Away From Winter Claustrophobia

As winter stretches on and we await the verdict from Punxsutawney Phil, many can start to feel SAD or trapped. It’s no wonder so many are ready to peel off all the extra layers and escape somewhere warm. Dealing with snow, freezing rain, ice, school cancellations, delays, and more can become frustrating, adding complication and stressors to daily life. When you start to feel claustrophobic from being in your own home, it is time to run away, literally.
I find so much freedom in running, leaving my computer behind for at least 20 minutes and getting around on my own physical power. It is how I allow my brain to rest and renew while I engage myself physically. After being cooped up as a result of winter weather, getting active feels great!
Although I have to add some extra layers to run in the cold and the snow, I banish claustrophobia by escaping and actually being outside. Even when my car is stuck behind a wall of snow and must be shoveled out, I can find some place to run as long as the roads are plowed. I can get out and go somewhere under the power of my own two feet.
Last year was my first ever running in cold weather. It took some convincing for me to try it, but once I did I was sold and felt empowered. Even in Central Indiana there is no reason to pay for a gym membership. If I plan well, I can run outside several times per week, and stick with my fitness plan.
Banish the winter blues and free yourself from claustrophobia by running away, no matter the weather.
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