Author Brooke Randolph


As a child, I could have easily been called a book worm, carrying a book or three with me wherever I went, reading series and classics. Roald Dahl was one of my favorite childhood authors. As a young adult, I focused more on non-fiction books because there is simply so much to learn in this world. I continue to read on a variety of topics; I am regularly reading half a dozen non-fiction books at a time, many due direclty to a client need or a topic I want to explore further. Reading is a passion. I love how words can come together to illustrate, entertain, and education. This may be the most difficult part of writing for me - I want the words to be just right and the information to be clear and well-researched. Thankfully, Entourage Publishing has encouraged me to work through my perfectionistic tendencies. I was honored to be asked to contribute to Adoption Therapy: Perspectives from Clients and Clinicians on Processing and Healing Post-Adoption Issues (2014) and the yet to be published second version of Adoption Therapy. In 2015, in conjunction with Entourage Publishing, I organized a wonderful group of adoption therapists, adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents to write It's Not About You: Understanding Adoptee Search, Reunion & Open Adoption, which we hope to publish in 2016. When I stumbled across an old project I created for a client called "The Bully Book", I sought the guidance of Entourage Publishing regarding best practices to make an e-book or a downloadable PDF so more kids could benefit from what we had created; I was surprised that not only did she want to publish The Bully Book: A Workbook for Kids Coping with Bullies (2016) as an e-book and a paperback, but that she also wanted me to create a series of therapeutic workbooks for kids. The Loss Book: A Workbook for Kids Coping with Loss was published in 2017 and The Choices Book: A Workbook for Kids About Making Choices in 2019. 

In addition to these books, I have been blogging for various platforms since 2008 when I was hired as the Mental Health Expert Contributor by, which was named one of the Top 50 Healthy Bloggers by Mamavation in 2013. I have also been published by MSNBC, TraineoPLUS,,, the Chicago Sun Times, the International Business Times, Health Bubble, Yahoo Buzz, Adoption Today, Expert BeaconiVillage, and more

Currently, I primarily blog on this webiste, although admittedly not as frequently as recommended. Regardless of the platform, it is always my goal to encourage, equip, and empower individuals and couples to more whole-hearted living and conscious relationships. Writing can be wonderfully therapeutic in a variety of ways. Whether you share what you write with the whole world, just your therapist, or no one, I hope you can experience the self-discovery, emotional dumping, and joy that writing can bring.