My Office Space

Please, come in...

It is important to me that people feel comfortable in my office space. There is no need to knock, come on in and find something to read in the waiting space. There is plenty to read, but generally I leave space between my appointments, so there is little to no waiting.


Would you like something to drink?

In the waiting room, you can always find filtered water, (several kinds of) tea, and coffee. Please help yourself to whatever you would like to drink. 


Have a seat... 

I invite all of my clients to make themselves comfortable in my office. While the majority of clients do choose the couch, I also have chairs available. My clients move the pillows around on the couch to find where they are most comfortable. Everyone is welcome to put their feet up to whatever degree makes them the most comfortable. I have had a few clients lie on the couch, but most of them sit either with their feet up or their feet on the floor. And don't hesitate to take off your shoes if you want to feel the fuzzy rug on your feet; it is pretty lovely. If you are more comfortable looking out the window or at the wall, that is totally fine. 

Feeling Fidgety?

I keep several fidgets to keep your hands busy and help you think. There are also coloring books and pencils that you are welcome to use. Hand lotion and tissues are always within reach. 



Conveniently located south of Broad Ripple between College Avenue and Meridian Street. Approximately 10 minutes from downtown, 15 minutes from Lawrence, 20 minutes from Carmel, 25 minutes from Zionsville, 30 minutes from Westfield, 30 minutes from Greenwood, and 30 minutes from Avon.  

447 E. 38th Street

Indianapolis, IN  46205


For directions to the office, please see the contact page