Speaking Testimonials

 Speaking Testimonials

"Brooke Randolph, LMHC, has been a presenter at the North American Council on Adoptable Children’s (NACAC) annual conference for the past two years (2012-2013). In 2012, she presented a session on the importance of managing stress during the adoption process. In 2013, Brooke presented a session on nutrition and its effects on health and behaviors in children who have been adopted. Her presentations were well-received and well-attended. One attendee wrote on her evaluation that she would like to hear Brooke present again, but with more time allotted for her presentation. Brooke spoke to both parents and professionals and was able to balance her presentation to meet the needs of all audience members.

I initially met Brooke Randolph through social media where I have found her to be ever-present, knowledgeable, and always willing and open to helping others. It is evident that she is passionate about helping children and their families and truly making a difference in their lives. The information that she shares via social media is cutting-edge and well-balanced. She timed key points of her presentation to be tweeted while she was speaking and encouraged conference attendees to tweet during her presentation and to ask her questions later via social media. 

As a speaker, Brooke is always prompt in responding to requests as we organize the conference as a whole—providing the requested information in a timely manner. We enjoy working with her and look forward to working with her again in the future." - Christina Romo, Conference Coordinator, NACAC


"I have known Brooke for 7 years and interfaced with her through her position with MLJ Adoptions (MLJ Adoptions is a Joint Council Partner).  Specifically my interaction with Brooke has been as a presenter at our annual International Child Welfare Symposium, through various Joint Council Country Caucuses and as one of my ‘go to’ professionals on issues related to advocacy, family support, organizational development and outreach.  I found Brooke to be a consummate professional with (I cannot state this with enough emphasis) the highest of ethics.  Both in collaborative and individual settings, I relied on Brooke to provide an advocates perspective while incorporating the needs of children and families.  Amongst the hundreds of professionals with which I have worked, I found that to be a rare combination.  From Joint Council’s perspective Brooke’s marketing abilities have been greatly appreciated.  She remained proactively diligent in monitoring our activities and promoting them through her personal and professional networks.  Brooke continues to be a valued colleague and I look forward to continuing to call upon her as part of the Joint Council community." - Tom Difilipo, President & CEO, Joint Council on International Children's Services.


"You played a critical role in making the 2013 Symposium the success that it was. The Joint Council team appreciates the time and knowledge you shared with the hundreds of attendees." - Rebecca Harris, Director of Programs & Services, Joint Council on International Children's Services.


"Brooke did a great job leading our team of 7 through a discussion of our strengths. She made learning fun, kept everyone engaged and gave us info and tips to use on a daily basis." - Shelley Johnson, Owner, Allman Johnson CPAs & Advisors


"We thought that it was very helpful to realize that foods can be triggers for behavior and outbursts. We also loved learning how food can treat emotional, behavioral needs, along with mental health issues." - Anonymous 


"We took about ten pages of notes" - Anonymous 


"Brooke worked with our staff, interviewing each individually as well as interpreting DISC assessment results for everyone. In the end, I was able to get some helpful feedback about our current staff environment as well as some helpful ideas about how to manage the office going forward." - Anonymous