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All testimonials are anonymous to protect client confidentiality.

• Your counseling makes all the difference! 

• Brooke is a joy to work with. Her expertise and professionalism is to be admired. It's a comfort to know a counselor who is so dedicated to her work and keeps current on all the latest techniques. Referring Brooke to friends and family is no brainer! 

• I walked out of your office feeling hopeful and empowered, which I did not expect to feel after just one visit. Thank you!

• You are the best therapist we’ve had by far, both in terms of personality and expertise, and I’ve been so grateful for your support and wisdom. 

• Brooke has been a welcoming beacon of hope and positivity during a dark and confusing time in my life

• I would highly recommend her services for anyone seeking to turn in a positive direction in their life and those desiring to overcome any emotional or psychological issues they are facing.

• You have been more helpful than you know. You are very kind and I trusted your responses.  More than anything, you helped me to "get a grip", as they say.  It was a vital step in getting out of that house and moving forward with a better perspective of the situation. I will recommend you to anyone who asks.

• Counseling has helped me approach my clients with connection, compassion and empathy. It strengthens my relationships in all areas of my life.

• One thing has happened for me....things have changed. Probably the main reason I chose you off the net. (Choosing Change)  So please know that I feel working with you has given me a lot of perspective and positively impacted my life as well as my family's. I would recommend you to others in a moment!

• I can't have these kinds of conversations with anyone in my life... a lot of people would benefit from this process.

• Thank you so much for your work with my fiance and I. Things we discussed and strategies we learned in meeting with you still help us to this day. We are very excited for our June nuptials and can't wait for the Big Day to arrive. We have also recommended you to everyone we know. Whether they be married or dating, and especially to our newly engaged friends! 

• Brooke worked with our staff, interviewing each individually as well as interpreting DISC assessment results for everyone. In the end, I was able to get some helpful feedback about our current staff environment as well as some helpful ideas about how to manage the office going forward.

• Brooke is very friendly and enjoyable and seems knowledgeable with good advice about actual situations. 

• We thought that it was very helpful to realize that foods can be triggers for behavior and outbursts. We also loved learning how food can treat emotional, behavioral needs, along with mental health issues.

• Your trainings and knowledge are so important to so many adoptive families.

• Thank you so much for your information, knowledge and humility. We are following you on Facebook and continue to enjoy your insight. 

• Thanks for all your help! I feel you are the only one that truly sees him for him and not a problem child. 

• Thank you so much for your help with this process. We both feel we are in a better place and look forward to making positive gains in our relationship.

• This [course] was really fabulous. Really fabulous. It never got boring and I never "zoned." You're a great orator. Just the right animation, not too condescending or academic... it was *very* helpful and easier and more comfortable than sitting on some one's couch... thank you for this. I will refer to it often.

• You are at the top of my referral list, Brooke. I always have great reports about the caring, quality help you give

• Being forced to be in that room...all those times really helped me develop some backbone, and I needed that for the kids... I didn't like it, I didn't want to, but in the long run, for me, it  was best, and hopefully that means that in the long run, for the kids, it is best.

• I can never thank you enough for trying to turn my life around.

• My life and the kids' lives would be miserable without you.

• Thanks so much for everything. The life skills courses I undergo with you make all the difference.

• I would tell others how beneficial it's been to my life.

• Thanks to Brooke I'm eating differently.

• This is the course for you if you just wanna feel or be better.

• I have liked best that I am given info info info about stress and goal setting.

• I have known Brooke for 7 years and interfaced with her through her position with MLJ Adoptions (MLJ Adoptions is a Joint Council Partner).  Specifically my interaction with Brooke has been as a presenter at our annual International Child Welfare Symposium, through various Joint Council Country Caucuses and as one of my ‘go to’ professionals on issues related to advocacy, family support, organizational development and outreach.  I found Brooke to be a consummate professional with (I cannot state this with enough emphasis) the highest of ethics.  Both in collaborative and individual settings, I relied on Brooke to provide an advocates perspective while incorporating the needs of children and families.  Amongst the hundreds of professionals with which I have worked, I found that to be a rare combination.  From Joint Council’s perspective Brooke’s marketing abilities have been greatly appreciated.  She remained proactively diligent in monitoring our activities and promoting them through her personal and professional networks.  Brooke continues to be a valued colleague and I look forward to continuing to call upon her as part of the Joint Council community. - Tom Difilipo, President & CEO, Joint Council on International Children's Services


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