Adoption: All is welcome here

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Adoption, Brainspotting, Therapy

It was a joy to get to talk with Dr. Mark Grixti, Brainspotting Trainer in the UK about our shared passions of Brainspotting and Adoption Therapy on his podcast Awe in Trauma.

In this episode it is fascinating to hear how Brooke gives first hand insights into the complexity of adoption and childhood attachment trauma.  Through her experience and expertise in therapy she has developed an approach that seeks to facilitate natural healing in appreciation of the innate wisdom of the internal system and the limitless implicit wisdom therein.  Brooke speaks to the challenges of working with those with complex attachment trauma histories and how therapists and attachment figures can benefit from fully meeting the child’s expression of their emotional world unconditionally to let their system feel heard, felt and to facilitate co-regulation. She expands on how the pressures of time and expectation of outcome can inadvertently impede the sense of trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship.  Instead, she tells us, as we prioritise the relationship and accept that this takes time, then we create the conditions for deep, long-lasting healing and rewarding relationships.

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