Heal & Create Community: Podcast interview with Kathryn Guylay

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Blog, Brainspotting, Goals, It's Not About You Book | 0 comments

I enjoy being a podcast guest when I get the opportunity. I get to have such great conversations. One of the interviews I did earlier this year was with Kathryn Guylay of Make Everything Fun. We discussed writing books, adoption, Brainspotting, couples counseling, & online courses. Kathryn’s highlights were: 

#1:  Understand that there might be a difference in how others view your primary legacy and how you view your own (and that’s okay!).

#2:  Recognize that organizing an anthology can be potentially more work than writing one’s own book! (Click here for more information about the anthology that I just contributed to and discussed during this interview).

#3:  Collect stories over time to create your own “story bank” (a creative gold mine!).

#4:  Get to know your “faces of resistance” (to having a bigger voice and reaching more people on a larger platform) so that you can move beyond these obstacles.

You can see more of what she wrote on her blog. While I didn’t realize we were going to record video, it does make it a bit easier to share: