The Intentional Love Challenge: Helping You Improve Your Relationship

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Blog, Relationships | 0 comments

As you look to 2017 and potential resolutions, is creating a closer, more loving relationship something you would like to do? Would you like to do a better job of loving your partner? Or maybe you want to inspire your partner to be more loving? Or maybe you are at the end of your rope and feeling something must change for this relationship to be saved?

So many New Year’s Resolutions don’t create lasting change. Too often we start out energized, but give up on the practice before a habit has formed. This year, I would like to help you stay on track with your resolution of working toward a closer, more loving relationship. 

In 2017, I am forming a group of select participants to practice Intentional Love Challenges. Every few weeks, you will receive a new challenge of something you can do to improve your relationship. A brief pre and post survey will help you see the difference the challenges have made in your relationship, although I think you will see changes fairly quickly. Whether this is your last ditch effort, perhaps even an attempt to prove to yourself that this relationship cannot be saved – or you are as happy as a newlywed and simply want to be intentional about loving your partner – or somewhere in between, the Intentional Love Challenge is for you, and I would love to have you join us!

Participants in the Intentional Love Challenge will receive challenges by email every few weeks. They will also receive brief surveys by email and be invited to join a private/closed group on Facebook where you can get support from other participants. By participating in this challenge, you will very likely improve your relationship*; you will also be contributing to research that will help others strengthen their relationship in the future. I intend to write up the results in a book which participants (who join in from the beginning) can purchase at cost (plus shipping). Participants will also have the opportunity to shape the challenges provided by sharing what they most want to improve in their relationships.

The format is simple. The intended impact (for your relationship) is huge. You can improve your relationship without dragging your partner to therapy (although I would love to see you). You can improve your relationship without your partner’s participation. You can improve your relationship without your partner even being aware. While you are welcome to share this with your partner, I am most interested to see the results and relationship changes for those who quietly accept the challenges without telling their partner what they are doing or why. 

What questions do you have about the Intentional Love Challenge? Would you be interested in joining in this adventure?


*some variables like mental illness can impact results