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It is a joy to be able to share my experience and education with other therapists as a consultant and trainer. Consultation can be individual, for certification, case by case, or in groups. I believe strongly in mentoring and being mentored, and I am passionate about promoting excellence in therapy, particularly in the areas of Adoption Therapy and Brainspotting. In addition to the trainings that I offer, I can bring training to your group in person or online.


Gain ideas and techniques to individualize Brainspotting for your clients and deepen their processing with an Approved Brainspotting Consultant and Specialty Trainer.

Adoption Therapy Consultation

Cultivate growth for your clients who are adoptees, part of the foster care system, adoptive parents, and/or biological parents.

Brainspotting Consultation

Achieve your goal of Brainspotting Certification and increase you Brainspotting knowledge and skills through individual consultation.

Consultation Groups

I am currently running several consultation groups. Please sign the wait list to be included in groups currently forming.

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Brainspotting with Adoption Specialty Training

for Brainspotting therapists who have completed Phase 1, this training includes adoption competency information, working with all members of the adoption triad and all ages, multi-dimensional frame-setting, and the Constellation Set-ups for Brainspotting with Adoption.

Online Courses

Split Feather adoption therapy webinar

Creative Ways to Use Brainspotting with Couples

Micah Brown adoption therapy webinar talking about race

Brainspotting & Telehealth

Brooke writing

Therapist Training

Schedule a training for your group or organization.

 Counselor Supervision

Supervision for Masters students and Counselors working towards an Indiana Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) designation

I believe strongly in mentoring and being mentored. It is rewarding to invest in the next generation of therapists, as well as a responsibility. As a National Certified Counselor (NCC) who has completed the Approved Clinical Supervision Professional Development 45 hour training approved by NBCC, has been in private practice for over a decade, and invests time and energy into ongoing growth and learning, I believe I have something to offer newer professionals.