Humanitarian Trainings in Oceania

Suppport our Humanitarian work

Brooke Randolph and Roby Abeles led the first humanitarian Brainspotting training in Sāmoa in 2022 in partnership with Brown Girl Woke. With the blessing of David Grand and Brainspotting International, we will continue to provide humanitarian Brainspotting and MATES trainings throughout  the Pacific Islands of Oceania and invest in local leaders who can continue the work. We are excited to have Jocelynette Leilua work closely with us for the next training in Sāmoa in June 2024. 

We are currently raising funds to support that training. All donations will be used for training expenses, including training venue, food for the training, handouts, and etc. training supplies. Every donation helps!

Thank you for your support as we continue to spread the healing powers of Brainspotting throughout Oceania.

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Brooke Randolph has been building relationships in Sāmoa -and with Samoan people in the US- for over a decade, and looks forward to every opportunity to be in the same country as her godchildren. Throughout her travels to Oceania, Brooke has enjoyed spending time in the beautiful countries of Sāmoa, Fiji, and New Zealand.

Roby Abeles lives and works in Australia, and has traveled extensively throughout Oceania for both work and pleasure. She has built relationship with people in Fiji, and is exploring opportunities to bring a training to Fiji soon.

Jocelynette Leilua was a student in the first Brainspotting Phase 1 training in Sāmoa in 2022, and she greatly impressed both Brooke and Roby with her understanding and desire to study. She is a powerful change agent through her work with Brown Girl Woke, and we believe that she will make a major impact through her career.

In travel, and especially in trainings, it is important to us to always be culturally humble and to learn as much or more than we teach. We have been extremely blessed by the many wonderful people that we have had the pleasure of meeting and training during our time in Oceania.

Fa’afatai (thank you) for your contribution that enables us to give to these beautiful people! We have updated the platform we use to accept donations, so we apologize that not all donor names are shown. We hope you enjoy flipping through a few photos from our trainings below.

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