Podcast Interview: Write to Heal and Create Community

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Blog

I enjoy being a podcast guest when I get the opportunity. I get to have such great conversations. Last Summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to record a podcast with Dr. Kathryn Guylay of Make Everything Fun. She was able to weave the conversation from publishing books to community to passions to Brainspotting to Imago Relationship Therapy and online courses – so many things that I love. Kathryn’s highlights were:

#1:  Understand that there might be a difference in how others view your primary legacy and how you view your own (and that’s okay!).

#2:  Recognize that organizing an anthology can be potentially more work than writing one’s own book! (Click here for more information about the anthology that I just contributed to and discussed during this interview).

#3:  Collect stories over time to create your own “story bank” (a creative gold mine!).

#4:  Get to know your “faces of resistance” (to having a bigger voice and reaching more people on a larger platform) so that you can move beyond these obstacles.

You can see more of what she wrote on her blog. While I didn’t realize we were going to record video, it does make it a bit easier to share. Thankfully since this was recorded, I have been working on deleting the verbal filler of “right” from my speaking.


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Write to Heal and Create Community


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