Sensory Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

by | Feb 24, 2024 | Gift Ideas

Holidays can be hard on kids with sensory needs. Along with the fun and excitement comes a change of routine, expectations, itchy clothes, and often overwhelming sensations. For kids impacted by adoption and/or foster care there are also the complications of missing biological family, familiar food, and traditions – and perhaps feeling like they don’t quite fit in with their current family. It’s no wonder that dysregulation can occur during or after holidays. While parents work to minimize changes to routine, expectations, and overwhelm, it is important to consider the sensory experience of the holiday whether that is lights or attire or candy. Extra sugar may seem like a way to create dysregulation, but there can be ways to fill an Easter basket with other objects that can aid in sensory regulation.

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Easter Candy

Candy is not usually a regulation tool, particularly when full of high fructose corn syrup and sugar, but sweet foods can have a calming effect. Sugar free chocolate, Jolly Ranchers, and gummy bears do exist. High fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and food dyes can all dysregulate; while, crunchy and chewy foods can be calming and focusing. Dr. Karyn Purvis called herself the Queen of Bubble Gum because it is an easy yes that is often also regulating for kids. (I really do buy it by the bucket). If you want to avoid the candy all together, consider small toys or money for your egg hunt.

Easter Basket Toys

Not all sensory tools feel like toys, but some are pretty indistinguishable like this weighted stuffed bunny or other cute weighted stuffed animals. Some parents will prefer these Easter Egg stress balls, but I know my kids will love these glow in the dark sticky Easter Eggs that will cling to the ceiling. Another thematic option is this Easter bunny pop it or these cross pop its or this chewable cross necklace

Chewable necklaces can be in daily shapes, unicorns, mermaids, donut, ice cream, or dinosaurs, tractors, and arrow heads. Kids who love dragons will love this flexible fidget. Kids who like mermaids may enjoy this cute fidget. Kids who like unicorns will love this glitter unicorn stress squishy. Kids who love fidget spinners will find this dragon fidget spinner to be a fun upgrade. Almost everyone I know loves this best selling fidget cube and scentsory putty.

Big Easter Basket items

If you’re look for a big item for your basket these are always winners and can work for big kids too:


Books are popular filler for Easter baskets in my family, so here are a few sensory related books you could include:

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