Sensory Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages and Sizes for all 8 Senses

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Gift Ideas

This blog contains links to gift ideas for your convenience. Some are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through that link I may earn credit at that store or a few pennies; however, links are provided solely for your convenience. The intention of this blog is to help inspire your gift giving and meet the sensory needs of those on your gift list.


Christmas is coming, it seems faster than normal this year – not because I am getting old, but because supply chain concerns have me stockpiling gifts already. One of the very first gifts that I purchased was a new fidget that is highly rated. Whether it is a stocking stuff or the WOW gift idea, sensory gifts are appreciated by parents and kids of all ages.

For this list of sensory gift ideas, I am including a link to one option, but make sure you look for sizes, weight restrictions, and age limits that match the recipient. For example, I have included a link to Babiators because you may not realize that sunglasses for babies exist. I have also included a link for an adult-sized pogo stick for the teens and adults who need more proprioceptive input.

Most of us learned in school about 5 sensory systems: vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Vestibular, proprioceptive, and interoceptive are lesser known sensory systems that are also crucial to development. Any of us can be sensory-seeking, sensory-avoiding, or sensory-sensitive in one or all of these. For example, I am auditory sensory-avoidant and tactile sensory-sensitive; I love a soft blanket but can’t always manage wool against my skin. Certain toys or gifts can help each of us find the right sensory balance which also aids in brain development for kids.


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