Mental Health Evaluations

couchMental Health Evaluations are often requested by attorneys and guardian ad litems, ordered by the court, or required as a part of the adoption process. You can meet with me for a simple interview reviewing the various aspects of your life or you may also be asked to complete objective tests. After the interview, a written summary will be created that can be released to your attorney or the individual/agency of your choice with your written permission.

Mental Health Evaluations can include a substance use evaluation, diagnosis, test results, and/or recommendations for treatment based on the needs of the case. Please come to the appointment with the mailing address and phone number of your attorney, primary medical provider, probation officer, previous counseling agencies, and/or any other source of information that may be helpful.

The charge for mental health evaluations will be determined based on the type of evaluation requested, taking into account time to write the evaluation and the cost of any tests completed. If you believe you are eligible for the sliding-fee scale, please also bring a copy of the previous year's income tax return or at least two recent check stubs, so that the reduced rate can be applied. To determine the potential cost of evaluation, please email me with the details regarding the reason for your evaluation, request or requirements for the evaluation, types of report(s) needed, etc. You may opt to schedule an initial evaluation intake interview to help determine what additional services and information will be needed to complete your evaluation.